Festveranstaltung am 23.03.2013 in der Sukuta Upper Basic School


Hier können Sie die Grußworte und Redebeiträge u.a. des Alkalo von Sukuta, der Schulleiterin, des SMC-Chairman und eines Schülervertreters nachlesen.




  • Prayers by Mr. Abdoulie Gaye and Mr. Louis Gomez
  • National Anthems of The Gambia and Germany
  • Welcome song by students of SUBS
  • Welcome address by the Alkalo (Mayor) of Sukuta
  • Welcome remarks by the SMC Chairman
  • Entertainment by a local band
  • Opening remarks by the Principal
  • Remarks by Mr. Holger Schneider
  • Remarks by Alhaji Musa Bojang
  • Remarks by the Regional Director
  • Entertainment by the school drama group
  • Remarks by the Deputy Governor
  • Reception

The Circle of Friends Sukuta Moormerland Association (CFSMA) in collaboration with Sukuta Upper Basic School (SUBS) celebrated the partnership between Sukuta Upper Basic School and the community of Moormerland at Sukuta Upper Basic School on 23rd March 2013. The occasion was attended by a 19 member delegation from Germany led by Mr. Holger Schneider, Chairman of Freundeskreis Sukuta – Moormerland e.V, Regional Education Director of Region 2, Deputy Governor of West Coast Region, former Principals and Vice Principals of SUBS, Chairman of the Conference of Principals, Heads of neighbouring schools, former chairmen of the School Management Committee (SMC), Cluster Monitor, members of the SMC, Alkalo (Mayor) of Sukuta, staff and students of SUBS, members of the press and a cross section of the community of Sukuta.

The celebration started with prayers led by Mr. Abdoulie Gaye, Senior Islamic Teacher at SUBS for the Muslims and Mr. Louis Gomez, former Vice Principal of SUBS for the Christians, followed by the national anthems of the Gambia and Germany. The students of SUBS sang the welcome song, welcoming our distinguished delegates from Germany to Sukuta in particular and the Gambia in general. This was followed by speeches by various dignitaries. Musical entertainment by a local band and a drama performance by students of SUBS were staged at intervals between speeches and punctuated with dancing during and after the speeches.  A vote of thanks was delivered by a student of SUBS. A reception was organized for guests after the ceremony to taste some Gambian dishes.


I am deeply honoured and delighted to be part of the silver jubilee celebration. This is an historic occasion marking the achievements of a partnership of mutual trust and confidence between the communities of Sukuta and Moormerland. The development in SUBS is a clear testimony of your interest to improve the livelihoods of the people of Sukuta and the Gambia in general. This partnership has enhanced cultural exchange between the two communities and the understanding of the different ways of life. I am indeed happy to welcome such a distinguished delegation to this auspicious occasion.  The community of Sukuta is grateful to you for the support to SUBS. You are welcome to Sukuta, your second home. Please extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Mayor and people of Moormerland. Finally, on behalf of the people of Sukuta and on my own behalf, I thank you very much for gracing this important occasion and I wish you a happy and enjoyable celebration.


Mr. Chairman, Director of Region 2, distinguished delegates from Germany, Deputy Governor of West Coast Region, former Principals and Vice Principals of Sukuta Upper Basic School, Alkalo of Sukuta, Chairman Conference of Principals, former chairmen of the SMC, Cluster Monitor, Heads of schools, staff and students of SUBS, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all other protocols respectively observed. I welcome you all to Sukuta Upper Basic School (SUBS).

We are gathered here today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the partnership between Sukuta Upper Basic School and the Community of Moormerland, to take stock of achievements and challenges and map out a way forward after 25 years of dedicated work for better education and training for the benefit of Gambian children particularly those of Sukuta Upper Basic School. This partnership emanated from the relationship between Holger Schneider and two youths from Sukuta who appealed to him to teach them the German language. The curiosity of these youths to learn and their openness and kindness inspired Holger Schneider to learn more about their school and families.

During his visits, he learnt about the inadequacies and difficulties of the school which gave birth to the idea of school partnership. The aim of the partnership is to enable young people to acquire quality education and enhance their standard of living. Hence the Circle of Friends Sukuta Moormerland Association (CFSMA) was established in 1986 with Sukuta Lower Basic School (SLBS) and later in 1988 with Sukuta Upper Basic School. The work of CFSMA is well respected in The Gambia at all levels of the administration, and in Moormerland, its engagement is also well recognized in the community and beyond.

During the course of the 25 years, remarkable developments have taken place in Sukuta Upper Basic School. These include the fencing of the school premises, construction of classroom blocks, administration block, home science block, assembly hall, establishment of a computer lab, improvement of the library and connecting the computer lab to the internet, to name a few. As education is a key component in the development of the individual and society at large, these developments promote and facilitate teaching and learning in the school, enhance security, increase classroom space and enrolment, as well as instill the culture of reading in students.

The partnership also encourages cultural exchange thereby making the two communities aware of each other’s culture, enhances understanding of the different ways of life thus eliminating prejudice and strengthening solidarity between the two communities and their peoples. The support from our German partners is in line with Gambia Government’s efforts in ensuring access, equity, quality and relevance in the education of Gambian children, especially the girl child. It maximizes and optimizes the capacity of children and youths in order to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of the Gambia. The long cordial relationship between the two communities is a shining example of North–South cooperation and a manifestation of trust and confidence between the two. It further strengthens the Germany Gambia cooperation to higher heights.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Successes registered in this partnership would not have been achieved without the support and contributions of CFSMA members, community of Moormerland, institutions, societies, business people, churches, teachers and pupils/students of schools and individual donors. We highly appreciate their kind gesture. I thank them infinitely for their service to humanity.

Special thanks go to Mr. Holger Schneider, Chairman and founder of the partnership for his foresight, hard work and selfless service to the development of our future leaders. As a veteran teacher, he has devoted his life to the advancement of young people. Holger is a model and inspiration to both young and old in the service of human development. In his inaugural speech during the 25th anniversary of the partnership with SLBS held in Moormerland in October 2011, he said, and I quote, “we live in a world where one third is living on the back of the other two thirds which should not remain as it is.”This demonstrates his commitment to improve the lives of the less fortunate thus enhance their academic, social and economic well being.  

I would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Dr. Anna Stelthove-Fend for her immense contribution to the improvement of the library. Mrs. Fend’s dedication to the improvement of the library is worthy of commendation. She stocks the library with modern and relevant books, provides training and allowance for the librarian to run a double shift and ensures that the library is improved to standard. Madame, we are highly grateful.  

I would like to express our condolences to the families of the deceased members of the association and the entire membership of CFSMA. We highly appreciate their immense contributions to the success of the partnership. We thank them profusely for their love for human development especially Mrs. Ruth Schneider-Matthiessen who, despite her old age and physical condition, made several visits to SUBS to assess the progress made, may their souls rest in perfect peace.

I would like to express our sincere thanks to the former Principals and Vice Principals of SUBS who, through their hard work, led this partnership to success. Notable among them is Mrs. Harriette Fowlis who steered the partnership with diligence and hard work. Mrs. Fowlis’ period was the most critical of all as she went through a confidence test, the fruits of which we are enjoying today. Madam, we thank you for your perseverance, diligence, hard work and quality leadership.

To the staff of SUBS, I thank you for your hard work and collaboration. Your dedication and commitment to the intellectual development of our future leaders is highly commended. Please keep up the spirit. To the students of SUBS, please make the best use of the opportunities offered by this partnership; keep to your books in order to excel in school and beyond.

To our distinguished delegates from Germany, you are welcomed to Sukuta in particular and The Gambia in general. You have come to your second home, please feel free and explore the rich culture and hospitality of the smiling coast of Africa. I wish you a happy and enjoyable stay in the Gambia.

There are other projects pending which need support to complement the efforts of our partners in Moormerland. Such projects include the reconstruction of the burnt library which is currently occupying the science room, provision of tables and chairs, improvement of the computer lab, renovation of classrooms and other structures, completion of the assembly hall, etc. I therefore call on government, non-governmental organizations, private Institutions/companies, parastatals, philanthropists and well wishers to assist the school in the implementation of our planned programmes. We highly count on your support.

Finally, on behalf of members of school management committee, staff and students of SUBS, the community of Sukuta and on my own behalf, I wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all for responding to our invitation.

I THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION.                                                                      


Mr. Chairman, Deputy Governor of West Coast Region, Director of Region 2, Mr. Holger Schneider and group, Alkalo of Sukuta, SMC Chairman, Chairman Conference of Principals, former Principals and Vice Principals of SUBS, Head teachers, Cluster Monitor, Mrs. Rohie Sillah, Mr. Mamakeh Bojang, Mr. Abbas Cham, Teachers, Members of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good morning and welcome to Sukuta Upper Basic School.

I cordially welcome you and also thank you all for honouring our invitation to grace this auspicious occasion. I am deeply honoured and elated to be associated with this occasion, as we are gather here this morning to celebrate 25 years of existence between Sukuta Upper Basic School and the Circle of Friends Sukuta Moormerland Association, headed by the chairman. Mr. Holger Schneider.

In 1988, an agreement was signed between Mrs. Harriet Joof Fowlis and the chairman of CFSMA and this agreement was for partnership and cooperation and the signing was done at the Ministry of Education and a copy was left there. The slogan for the partnership was learning for a better future. In 1989, finance was available for an office building plus an eight classroom block.

Since 1988 to date, the school has gained a lot from this cooperation including the fencing of the school, construction of the Home Economics Department, staff room and toilets for students and teachers, library, Science room, Art and Craft room, and with this entire infrastructure in place, furniture and educational materials is not left behind.

In 2005 the foundation stone was laid for this mighty hall we are occupying today. And I must commend my predecessor, Alhaji Saja Sanneh for this very wonderful initiative together with Mr. Holger Schneider and the staff and the school management committee. This hall, when completed, will enhance the examination freely without us asking the grade 7s and grade 8s to stay away from school for two weeks during the mock exams and the final GABECE exams.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, may I seize this opportunity to appeal to all those who have interest in education and can afford it to also contribute to this worthy venture so that we can be able to roof this mighty edifice, because it is my dream for my students to write to their exams this May in this particular hall. We all know that the government of the Gambia through his Excellency the President, Dr. Alhaji Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh has brought tremendous developments to the Gambia especially in education, and I think it should come from every patriotic Gambian to complement the efforts of His Excellency: 25 years is worthy of celebrating as we can see with our eyes the tireless efforts of Mr. Holger Schneider and his Circle of Friends.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to extend my profound gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Holger Schneider and group and also to Dr. Mrs. Anna Stelthove-Fend, who has special interest in the library by supporting in terms of salary for the 2 librarians, purchasing of furniture, English books and other reading materials in the Gambia and also from Nigeria and South Africa. She is very much particular about the improvement of teaching and learning of English language in the school. According to her “as English is the official language, every student should be able to read and write English.” Mr. chairman, I want to  thank Mr. Holger Schneider for his efforts for the past 25 years and I pray to God the Almighty to give him long life and strength to enable him continue his endeavours.

At this juncture, I want to recognize the presence of Alhaji Musa Bojang, a Gambian residing in Germany, he has also come to grace the occasion with his family. Mr. Bojang is also in contact with the school in trying to create a link between our school and the school he works for in Germany. According him, he is doing all these to complement the efforts of Holger Schneider.

Mr. Chairman, I would not do justice if I do not extend my most profound gratitude to the Director and Directorate of Region 2 and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education without their support and encouragement, we would not have been here to mark this great occasion.

Once again, I want to thank you all for honouring our invitation and I must register my profound gratitude to the entire staff and SMC committee for helping me throughout to make this day a success.



Mr. Chairman, Deputy Governor of West Coast Region, Alkalo of Sukuta, Imam of Sukuta, Mr. Holger Schneider, Chairman of Sukuta-Moormerland Circle of Friends Association, Distinguished delegates from Moormerland, Principal and staff of Sukuta Upper Basic School, PTA Committee members, Former Heads of Sukuta UBS and LBS, Head Teachers and Principals, Vendors, the media both print and electronic, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, all other protocols respectively and duely observed, good morning to you all.

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to be associated with the silver jubilee anniversary celebrations marking an excellent and fruitful relationship between the two communities – Sukuta and Moormerland in Germany. Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen, thirty two years ago (1981 precisely), little did we know that Mr. Holger Schneider’s visit to Sukuta as a tourist would birth to viable and vibrant partnership between Sukuta and Moormerland – thanks to the people of Sukuta for their openness, hospitality and kind gestures accorded to the said tourist.

It all began when two young scouts from Sukuta Primary (now Lower Basic School) approached Mr. Schneider to teach them the German language. He agreed to do so from the second to the last day of his visit. These young boys requested for a test of their knowledge, the results of which were highly impressive. Thus Mr. Schneider decided to visit their school, Sukuta Primary under the headship of a veteran educationist, Mr. Alhaji Ousman A. Ndow. Mr. Ndow explained some of the constraints and challenges the school was faced with.

For the subsequent years, Mr. Schneider visited the school and families of some pupils to acquaint himself with the challenges at both school and home levels. Consequently, he decided to forge a partnership between Schule Moormerland and Sukuta Primary in 1985 with a view to assisting the pupils and teachers in ameliorating some identified challenges. A year later i.e. March 1986 the partnership created, was transformed into THE FREUDESKRIES SUKUTA – MOORMERLAND e.V (Sukuta  - Moormerland Circle of Friends Association) with a view to:

  • Facilitating the provision of quality education,
  • Making pupils aware and appreciate other cultures,
  • Eliminating racial prejudices,
  • Raising fund s for the development of the school etc.

Two years later, the partnership was extended to the Secondary Technical School in Sukuta under the dynamic headship of Mrs. Fowlis. The PTA was chaired by Mr. Ousman Cham whose commitment and contributions strengthened the partnership. Mr. Chairman, allow me to give you a bit of history of SUBS. Before the establishment of the link, the school had two permanent structures only, each consisting of four classrooms, two offices and a store.

The school administration in collaboration with the PTA had to work laboriously by constructing “Kirinting” classrooms to accommodate the rapidly growing student population. Mr. Chairman, such buildings were not conducive to teaching and learning particularly during the rainy season. The school was in an open without fences thus making it extremely difficult to control students let alone to provide them with security. Being aware of the unfavourable conditions prevailing in the school, Mr. Schneider and his committee in Moormerland embarked on fund raising activities with a view to addressing these challenges.

The partnership between the two communities yielded numerable achievements in terms of: provision of structures such as the administration block, classrooms, staff room technical block, computer lab, resource centre, kitchen square, home science block, a mosque, two security offices, a solid fence and above all a multi-purpose assembly hall which nearing completion. The Sukuta-Moormerland Association in Germany also provided social amenities such as electricity, water supply, telephone line, internet facility and a well equipped and modern library. Whenever the library is mentioned, Mrs. Dr. Anna Stelthove-Fend comes to the minds of members of the Sukuta-Moormerland Circle of friends Association because of her commitment and dedication towards the development and modernization of the library. Equipment such as sewing machines, gas cookers, woodwork tools photocopying machine, printers and duplicating machine were also provided by the association to develop the life skills of students.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, as Director of Region II, I must commend Mr. Schneider and his committee for the continuous unflinching support rendered to the school by providing funding for the numerous projects undertaken and the PTA committee and school administration for the effective supervision of all projects. Finally, I wish to thank the community of Sukuta for their openness, hospitality and kindness accorded to Mr. Schneider which culminated to the development of a viable partnership between Sukuta and Moormerland.

Long live Sukuta – Moormerland Circle of Friends Association

Long live Sukuta Upper Basic School

May God bless you all.



Mr. Chairman, Director of Region II, former Principals of SUBS, Mr. Schneider and group from Germany, Principal and staff of SUBS, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen,

It is very rare to gather on occasions like this. We gather here, old and young, parents and children, students and teachers because we love each other and we are concerned for each other’s well-being. We are very touched and overwhelmed deep down in our hearts for the generosity and the 25 years of fruitful relationship between SUBS and the community of Moormerland. We know very well, as students of this noble institution, that we are benefiting immensely from the resources that are the outcome of this relationship. Many of our brothers and sisters who had come before us would not have done better without your support. Therefore, on their behalf and on behalf of the entire student body, I deeply thank and congratulate you for your support and tireless sacrifices.

It is thousand of kilometers that have separated Germany and The Gambia but, as we all know, when there is love and friendship between partners distance becomes a simple solution. We are deeply moved by your love and having the heart and resources to come and celebrate 25 years of loving relationship. You are truly friends of our school, our community and our entire nation. You are contributing immensely towards the fulfillment of our vision 2020 goals. You are indeed among the pioneers of “education for all” in this country.                                                                                                               

I therefore pray that the noble relationship between our two nations grow from strength to strength. We also pray that the Almighty’s hand of blessings be upon each one of you from now on and forever.



Diese Redebeiträge wurden freundlicherweise vom SMC-Chairman Mr. Abdoulai Bojang zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Fotos stellten u.a. Alfred Wübbena, Gerda Sattler und Holger Schneider zur Verfügung



Freundeskreis Sukuta-Moormerland e.V.


Holger Schneider